In Advance: A Practical Guide to Making Your Own End-Of-Life Health Care Decisions (Oregon Edition)
by Gretchen Brauer-Rieke, RN, MSN, Advance Care Planning Facilitator 

This booklet provide
s specific practical information to help Oregonians

  -  understand the need for 
  -  select the appropriate advance
      directive tools
  -  understand the medical decisions
      and ramifications of those

  -  learn the importance of sharing
      wishes with family members, loved
      ones,and their health-care
Includes Appendix with Lutheran social and teaching statements on the ethics of end-of-life health care decision-making.

See Table of Contents and Introduction here.

Single copy: $10 plus $3 for postage.

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InAdvance - Washington Edition   It has all of the same helpful information as the original Oregon edition, but explains use of Washington documents.

Single copy: $10 plus $3 postage.   

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For Listening:

Family Conversations About End-of-Life Care The Diane Rehm Show, 8/8/2012 - an excellent discussion about how to have challenging conversations with family about end-of-life wishes.

Recommended Reading:

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters at the End of Life. (2014) by Atul Gawande.  A bestselling book about the end of life?  Read it and find out why it resonates with so many people.

It's OK to Die, (2011) Kindle edition, A great book on how to make end-of-life choices in a system of medical care that makes natural death difficult to come by. Highly recommended. (see website here)

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death,(2013) by Katy Butler. An excellent book that teaches while telling the story of her own father's difficult death. Listen to Diane Rehm interview Katy Butler here. Highly recommended.

Hard Choices for Loving People. 5th Frank Dunn, 2009. Excellent advice on end-of-life decisions from a hospital chaplain.  Read sample online and order a hard-copy.

A Better Way of Dying: How to Make the Best Choices at the End of Life by Jeanne Fitzpatrick, and Eileen M. Fitzpatrick, 2010.  Enlightening and helpful book written by an Oregon physician and her attorney sister.  Contains the Contract for Compassionate Care.

"Letting Go: What Should Medicine Do When It Can't Save Your Life?" by Atul Gawande and published in The New Yorker 08/02/2010. Written by a physician, this article is a must-read for anyone interested in why dying can be so difficult in the U.S medical system.

"Redefining and Reforming Health Care for the Last Years of Life." Rand Health Research Highlights (2006) This excellent research summary offers a view of U.S. health care in the last years of life.

"Views on End-of-Life Medical Treatment."  (2013) Pew Research Religion and Public Life Project - excellent article summarizing the views of the American public on end-of-life medical treatment

Talking about Death  by Virginia Morris, 2004.  Beautifully written book that connects the art of dying well with the importance of talking about death as part of life.

Helpful Websites:

Oregon Health Decisions Distributes Oregon Advance Directive and KEYConversation Planning Guide; resources for all questions regarding Oregon Advance Directives

Oregon POLST information Center for Ethics in Health Care, Oregon Health & Science University, Source for information about the Oregon POLST program

The Conversation Project Excellent new website - download The Starter Kit to help organize your thoughts for conversation about your wishes with loved ones

National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization  Good information about end-of-life decisions; explains palliative and hospice care

Five WIshes A popular advance planning tool, though not a stand-alone legal Advance Directive in Oregon

Recommended Viewing:

Facing Death  Frontline, PBS 11/23/2010.  A provocative and eye-opening look at the difficulty in making good end-of-life choices while in health crisis - and how hard it is for the medical system to help patients transition from a health care goal of cure to a goal of comfort and quality of remaining life.

Consider the Conversationa documentary sharing the intimate story about the American struggle with communication and preparation at the end of life; produced by Micheal Bernhagen and Terry Kaldhasdal, 2011.

Money and Medicine - a PBS documentary detailing the problems of over-diagnosis and over-treatment, including medically-ineffective end-of-life care; produced by Roger Weisberg, 2012

Printable Resources:

File of Life Single-Page Health Summary - a summary that can be kept with your Advance Directives and (if applicable) POLST form in a File-of-Life envelope.  Keep it attached to your refrigerator in case of a health emergency.

Planning Your Memorial/Funeral Service - a helpful worksheet to fill and and share with your clergyperson and family

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