consultation for end-of-life health care decisions.

Welcome to codaconversations! 

End-of-life decisions can be challenging, but with knowledge, support, and motivation, they can become a fulfilling exercise when made in advance. 
 Providing this special gift to your family can relieve them of the stress of anguished decision-making when a health crisis occurs - so often completely unexpected in our lives.

Gretchen can help you make end-of-life health care decisions in advance based on your own values and taking into account what "quality of life" means to you.

Assisting you to  fill out advance directive documents and then share those wishes with family, friends and medical professionals is all
part of what codaconversations can do for you, individually or in groups.

      About Gretchen
  • Received a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing from Pacific Lutheran University
  • Initial nursing experience in oncology care at University of Minnesota Hospital - first experienced how difficult death can be when curative care becomes ineffective and harmful, and when patients are not appropriately transitioned to care that emphasizes quality of life and comfort 
  • Received a Master's Degree in Nursing from University of Minnesota and became a Certified Nurse-Midwife
  • Delivered babies for 23 years while motivating women to learn about their options and create plans for an optimal birth experience, delivering babies both in the hospital and at home
  • Earned a post-Master's certification in Nursing Education from OHSU and taught for both Associate and Baccalaureate Nursing programs
  • Re-invigorated passion for educating people for empowerment inside the medical system and moved her focus from birth to the end of life
  • Became certified as an Advance Care Planning Facilitator and founded codaconversations to offer educational and support services to individuals and families seeking to make, document, and discuss their end-of-life wishes.
"It is my hope that by educating and empowering people to take control, in advance, of health-care decisions at the end of their lives, they will greatly improve the quality of their experience of living and dying."

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CODA: The concluding portion of a musical composition that leads to a satisfying end.
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